About Us

We're Caleb + Kristen Morris, married as of August 2012.  He was raised in the Oklahoma countryside, with animals, machines and lots of red dirt.   I was born right outside of Washington DC, and was raised on the coasts - either the busyness of Montgomery County East Coast, or the chill beach life of San Diego. Right now we live in Maryland, but we're working on finishing a house in Oklahoma.  It's a work in progress, a labor of love and all we save for these days! Our dream is to someday move their with our family - all Miranda Lambert style.  Speaking of... our son is supposed to be in our arms sometime in June 2013.  The process of going from two to three has been so much fun already - and we hear it only gets better.   This blog is anything from a cute quote, a recipe we sure liked, date night tales or a statements of grace and learning to live in the freedom, delight and love of an alive Savior.  Welcome to the family!


- We love long drives, going to new cities, new resturants, and new date spots.
- We both fall asleep anytime we watch a movie. Always.
- We both love children almost more than we love adults ;)
- We both love crafting (it’s our secret couple superhero power)
- We both love food (and have gained a combined 30 pounds since we started dating. Wups. Food is better when shared?)
- We love Jimmy Kimmel’s kid pranks, Dwight Shrute’s facial expressions and The Bachelor.
- We are both self-employed small business owners who have a highschool homeschool diploma. Whaaaat what! Game changers right there.
- We wish we could bring Oklahoma to the east coast with southern California weather, because then we know where we’d live forever.


- I play sports, he plays music (but he’s better at music than I am at sports)
- I’m the good driver, he’s the bad driver (but he always gets out of tickets because police men…yeah… I don’t know why, actually, but he does it.)
- I’m a talker, he’s a listener (but we’re both dreamers)
- I’m quick to react, he’s patient.  
- I have the smaller nose, he has the bigger one.
- My favorite movie of the past year was Bridesmaids, his was Courageous (this actually really sums us up in one sentence very nicely.)
- I’m a messy (CREATIVE!!!!) artist, and he’s a particular perfectionist.
- I’m one of seven and he’s one of thirteen.


  1. "My favorite movie of the past year was Bridesmaids, his was Courageous (this actually really sums us up in one sentence very nicely.)"

    This line made me laugh out loud. That was one of my favorite movies of the past year too!

  2. Found your blog and loved your post on quiet times. Now, maybe I'm mistaken, but when I click your "Her Work" tab, it takes me to adult friend finder? Is that a mistake?