Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Words On Marriage | Post 4

I Can't Remember Where I Found The First Three Quotes.  

Marriage is: "A community of good, together with mutual love and sympathy to each other's cares and sorrows.  A fidelity and faithfulness which requires that each one love the other only and constantly."

A husband is to: "nourish, cherish, direct and defend his wife and children."

A wife is to "assist her husband in providing and preserving the good that pertains to family, with reverence to her husband."

I particularly love the description of a woman's role in this "community of good."   Her role will look different from year to year, couple to couple, family to family.   The needs of the family will change, but her job is to, in agreement with her husband, provide and preserve what pertains to family.  

"[We are] called to build [His] Kingdom first through the romance and adventure of our homes...  We've got something to wake up for and vigorously live for and laughingly die for. Even if we are: 'We few, we happy few. This Band of Brothers.'" d. shorey


  1. I really like this. Bookmarking this post for someday. :)

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  3. Thank you. ;) I try, haha. I'll be over in like twenty some minutes! I have to stop by Ellie's first for apple pie. ;)

  4. So good. Ditto what Hannah said... saving this for later. :)

  5. I'll join the waiting-for-my-man crowd and say thanks for the future-wifely advice!

  6. i like this.
    but lets address that lovely picture. So happy. adore it.
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  7. I don't know if I have ever been this happy about the start of a blog. :) Can't wait to delight in the stories you share with us about your one big long honeymoon. :)