Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Date Night Hot Spots | Latin | Post 12

The Post Where We Pretend We Are Foodies and Like Bethany Frankel

Caleb and I love our grub.  It's actually obsessive.  We are obsessed with food and we plan our dates around food, then budget.  Here are some local Mexican/Spanish/taco favorites (in our mouths AND our wallets) so far:
pc: p-dub

  • TACO BAR // hands down best tacos I've had from a restaurant (also another FAVORITE soup comes from their kitchen.)  Don't be freaked out that it's located inside a gas station, inside a beer-and-wine store.  It's more magical like that!
  • TORTACOS // They knew what they were doing when they put "tacos" in their name.  Sensational tacos!
  • AY JALISCO // For their papusas and tortilla soup.  You'll think you're in Mami's casa in El Salvador.  Oh!  They have tremendous bean + cheese burritos as well.
  • EL TEJANO // one of my favorite soups - big, well-cooked vegetables with a broth you'll crave later... they also have papusas worth getting fat over and Caleb's favorite margaritas.  
  • RED, HOT & BLUE // Best Nachos In The Area.  Don't even get nachos somewhere else.
  • ACAJUTLA // Other Best Nachos In The Area.  If you do go somewhere else for nachos, go here.  This version is a little more "authentic" than RH&B's more "American" version.
  • JALEO // Expensive-ish and a tapas restaurant... I truly enjoyed everything I ordered (I know many people who haven't loved their Jaleo experience), but they best things on the menu were the surprising things:  like the duck risotto.  I've never fully recovered.
  • JAZMIN CUISINE // These guys actually make the best quessadilla I've ever had (outside of my own house.  My mom's still trump.)
  • CHIPOTLE // This is kind of a cop-out, but since it's so well-known and so good, I think it deserves to be on the list.  If you get a salad, make suresuresure you get the dressing and crunch chips on top to make it a "taco salad." 
  • FOR A NIGHT IN // Southwestern Pulled Brisket Tacos I could eat these every single day.  And I also drink the juices from a cup when I finish eating. (And, the magic happens in a crock pot, so it's impossible to mess up.  Boo-rah.)

Maryland people!  Where do you like to get your ay-ai-AY! on?  Any other Latin/Spanish/Taco places we should check out?

Next up: pizza! PEETSA PEEEETSA!


  1. But what about fajitas and tamales?? This west coast girl is dying here.

  2. Don't forget Cafe Rio in Olney either. We LOVE that restaurant! it's cheap, incredibly yummy, and amazing atmosphere!

  3. OMG - I've lived in this area for over 20 years and had never tried all this awesome places. I'm also from El Salvador ;) and Oh my the pupusas from Ay Jalisco were delish. Thank you Kristen for such awesome post.